About Us


Sisters In Charge is the “ONLY“, Family Owned Tag Sale Company That “Does It All”, Tag Sale, Licensed Moving Co., Entire House Clean-out and Storage Needs.  One Phone Call 516-238-1682.

We are proud to have been Chosen No 1 in New York 5 years in a row.

Whether you are downsizing or making a life changing move, making arrangements for a dearly departed family member or helping a parent into a new living arrangements, we are there to make this often difficult time manageable.

Our experience and services are based on quality research, connoisseur ship and knowledge of the marketplace. One Phone Call to Help You with the Entire Process.

We have helped many people who are too emotionally attached and do not have the time to start separating unwanted possessions and turn them into money. Sisters In Charge will assist their clients in evaluating their needs. They help you through all of the obstacles of separating unwanted items from wanted items.

So many of us have years and years of accumulation in our own and our extended families houses. It may be too overwhelming to go through. Whether it is another family member’s belongings, or time for a big move or just cleaning out of unwanted items, we can help!


Sooner or later, we all have to discard our own or a family member’s possessions and may be unable to find the time to do so with our busy schedules. You may feel too overwhelmed to go at it alone. Let Sisters In Charge show you where to begin and take charge for you.

The Sisters In Charge will offer your their expert guidance in sorting through your years of accumulations. Sisters In Charge will take charge from beginning to the end.  Serious consideration and understanding is given to every aspect of your transition with our expert care and handling of all your possessions. Sisters In Charge offers flexible scheduling to fit your valuable time.

Our experience, honesty,  knowledge and skills will ensure that your sale will be successful and profitable. We will turn your unwanted items into new found money. We are committed to maintaining integrity when conducting your sale.  We treat your family’s home like it is our own.

Sister’s In Charge will meet with you to view the items you wish to sell and help you to formulate a plan to accomplish your goals and needs. We will provide you with answers to most any questions you may have about your sale.

We never attempt to purchase items from you prior to your sale. We do not privately sell for ourselves on E-bay or any other auction sites. We supply an itemized List of all sold items. All Monies are collected at one cash register station.

We are the Only “Family”, Owned Tag Sale Company That “Does It All”, Tag Sale, Licensed Moving Co., Entire House Clean-out and Storage Needs.  One Phone Call 516-238-1682.  


Just a reminder, by purchasing at our sales you are helping our earth by RECYCLING and RECLAIMING.