Our Services

  • Free
    Our initial consultation at your convenience is free! We come to your home to evaluate the Sale contents. We can help make your Sale or liquidation as stress free and successful as possible with the utmost sensitivity, honesty and confidentiality.

  • Supplying
    We supply all the equipment/personnel necessary to conduct sale set up I.E. tables, clothes racks, book cases, jewelry cases, pricing labels etc. Supplying Bags and wrapping for easy customer carry out. We supply initial Start up monies ($150.00) for conducting sale.We bring it all on set up day.

  • Sales
    Your home is secured and managed by our responsible staff. One way entrance and exit. We are here to help you with the highest level of honesty, diligence and sensitivity during this difficult time for you and your family. It is our goal to uphold the highest standards in your Liquidation with kindness and compassion. Only 10 to 15 people in the home at a time .

  • Price
    Your items are priced according to current fair market value. Research ensuring the best possible prices for your possessions. Appraiser Available to guarantee the best Fair Market Price for your Treasures.

  • Setting Up The Home
    We transform the home into a department store. Beautifully displaying/organizing all items on tables we supply. Also ensuring ease of traffic and safety throughout the home. We will Caution off any private areas.

  • Displaying Signs in Area And Home
    Brightly colored yellow signs in your Town area directing traffic to your sale. Inside home signage throughout directing rooms throughout home securely. We Discard of all signs after sale. We follow local town ordinances.

  • Advertise
    We advertise and promote your sale on The Sisters In Charge website (over 10,000) and well as "18" other Tag Sale related Web Sites. All Tag Sale Web Sites send out a mailing list pertaining to your sale the week of the sale! All Social Media and Newsday.

  • Empty
    All closets, cabinets, dressers, storage areas. Removing items from attics, garage, sheds and basements. Organizing all items into their categories. Beautifully displayed on tables with tablecloths.

  • Personnel and Safety
    We ensure the home is Staffed by All personnel necessary to conduct your sale in the most secure manner according to the house size. Only One way entrance and exit of the home. Additional Secret Shoppers are staffed throughout home.