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The ONLY Family Owned Estate Sale Company That Does It All!

Our values

Its What We Do That Sets Us Apart

One of Long Island’s 1st Estate & Tag sale companies that has been around for over 25 years. At Sisters in charge we specialize in the liquidation of contents in a  full or partial home. Whether you are relocating or managing the estate of a departed family member, we are committed to guiding you through every phase with a tailored roadmap to meet your unique needs and goals. In 2008, Sisters in charge partnered with Relocators Service Inc, which is the ONLY company that offers an end to end approach for transitioning out of a home.


Our vision is to be the leader in finding streamlined and innovative solutions to help families with one of life’s biggest stressors; transitioning out of a home.


Our mission is to offer exceptional client services that recycle and repurpose items to save money and better the environment.

Antique pocket watch.
Our history

Created From The Heart
& Love Of Family

Born in Queens, NY, Denise LoSquadro grew up in a household where she was one of five children. By the early 2000s, Denise moved to Long Island where she raised her two boys as she worked as a secretary. During this time, Denise’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Being closest in proximity to her mother in NY, she was faced with the difficult task of solely becoming her mother’s caretaker. Facing some of life’s biggest stressors, Denise was tasked with cleaning out her mother’s home in Queens and moving her to Long Island. The basement of her mother’s home had been utilized for storage. Previously, Denise’s grandmother owned apartments in Queens. Items that were left behind were collected and put in the basement and sat for decades. It took an entire month of weekends and ten dumpsters to clean out the space. Seeing how time consuming it was cleaning out her mothers basement, she realized that there had to be a much easier way. She ended up putting an ad in the local paper that read: “Old Stuff Out Brings the Money in, Let us show you where to begin”. It was at that moment that Sister’s In Charge was born, becoming one of the first estate sales companies on Long Island. The Company quickly became a success and Denise left her secretarial position to invest more time into her growing business.



There Must be a Better Way
Denise LoSquadro was tasked with moving her mother to Long Island to care for her during cancer. Part of the task was spending multiple weekends and using many dumpsters to empty her mothers home in Elmhurst Queens.


First Official Advertisement
Denise LoSquadro puts an ad in the local: “Old Stuff Out Brings the Money in, Let us show you where to begin


Defining Services
Being one of Long Island’s 1st estate sales companies SIC stands out by creating one of the 1st estate sale websites for advertising. Huge crowds follow every weekend.


Being one of Long Island’s 1st estate sales companies SIC stands out by creating one of the 1st estate sale websites for advertising. Huge crowds follow every weekend.


A Family Affair
After the Estate Sales, Denise’s sons (Robert and Frank Esposito) would offer to help and do clean outs for her clients.


Relocator’s Birth
Relocators is created by Denise’s son to offer small deliveries and clean outs. Clients dealing with transitioning out of a home and loss of a loved one; one of life’s biggest stressors; now have an end to end solution to help ease the stress.


Dynamic Duo
Sister’s and Charge team up with Relocators to become a Full Service Estate Sale and Moving company helping its clients through life’s transitions.


#1 In New York
Sisters in Charge is the most viewed estate sale company in New York State. The company is ranked number one.


Opened Relocator’s Headquarters
Relocators acquires its first of 5 commercial buildings and begins to offer storage as an additional service option to its clients.

2019 - Present

The Best
Relocators & SIC merge and start offering Online Auctions and Out of State Moving just in time for Covid. Online Auctions offer a solution during the pandemic as well as a much needed service for Condos and Buildings that do not allow Estate Sales. Out of state moving offers a means of delivering family items for clients that live out of state after they fly home to transition out of their childhood home.

See what our clients are saying.

Diane M
Diane M
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Many thanks to Denise, Joy, Eddie and Tom for the amazing job they did with my estate sale on 1/20 and 1/21/23. From start to finish their expertise and organization was top notch! I was so pleased with how successful it was, how everything was run and highly recommend them.
Barbara S
Barbara S
Port Jefferson Station
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Thank you so much for doing our tag sale. You and your crew are life savors. I was so overwhelmed and you took it right out of my hands and handled it. I am grateful for your hard work, your professionalism and compassion. Thank you again,
Kate W
Kate W
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Professional, hard working and kind. Denise and her team, addressed 50+ years of whole house clutter. They treated me with respect and helped my family during a difficult time. This is the estate sale company you are looking for.


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